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lvl 380 option guide Empty lvl 380 option guide

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Level 380 Options

Items What can have 380 option are the items what u need lvl 380 to use list below

-= Sets =-
Dragon Knight
Venom Myst
Slypid Ray

-= Weapons =-
Soilyer Scepter
Bone Blade
Grand Viper Staff
Slypid Ray Bow
Explosion Blade

New item options specifically for level 380 items (SD options applies only in PVP)

Talk with the Chaos Goblin in Noria at coordinates 180, 100.
Select the option Item option combination.
In the 8 x 4 Chaos storage area, place:
One (1) Jewel of Guardian
One (1) Jewel of Harmony
The level 380 item (list is above)
Appropriate amount of Zen needed
After confirming success rate, press the Combining button.

If the combination succeeds, 2 item options will be created.
If the combination fails, the item is retained and only the jewels used in the combination are lost.

Item Upgrade Level Success Rate
4 ~ 6 --> 50%
7 ~ 9 --> 60%
10 ~ 13 --> 70%

Level 380 New item option
SD Auto Recovery
Defense Success Rate increase +10

Defensive Skill +200
Defense Success Rate increase +10

Max HP increase +200
Defense Success Rate increase +10

Max SD increase +700
Defense Success Rate increase +10

SD Recovery Rate increase +20
Defense Success Rate increase +10

Additional Damage +200
Attack Success Rate increase +10

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