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how to BK combo Empty how to BK combo

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How to do BK combo

Firstly, you must do Marlon's Ring of Honor/Dark Stone quest.
There are a few types of combination for the combo.

They are:

1 Weapon Skill + Twisting Slash + Death Stab.

2 Weapon Skill + Twisting Slash + Rageful Blow.

3 Weapon Skill + Rageful of Blow + Twisting Slash.

4 Weapon Skill + Rageful of Blow + Death Stab.

5 Weapon Skill + Death Stab + Twisting Slash.

6 Weapon Skill + Death Stab + Rageful Blow.

The most commonly seen combo is combo one which is fast and need precise aiming on your opponent. If your opponent is good at running and dodging you need alot of practice to do this.

The second combo is more of an AOE combo easy to use but not as fast and combo one.
Combo 3 same as combo 2.

Combo 4 is a mixture of 2 and 1. As you will need to aim for the 2nd hit.

Combo 5 and 6 not as effective in my point of view.

Timing for combo is that you need to see weapon skill trigger. Holding your right click quickly change to the other 2 skills. This can be done by hotkeying the skills. You can go to the skill and press ctrl+1 to hotkey it. For the other 2 skills ctrl 2 and ctrl 3 them. For example 1: weapon skill, 2: Twisting Slash, 3: Deathstab. The timing takes practice soon you will get it. Keep chaining the combos for massive damage and for the awesome feeling of successful chain. Keep praticing guys. I Hope this helps

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