3rd quest guide.

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3rd quest guide. Empty 3rd quest guide.

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:48 pm

You can do the quest at 330 level (original its 400 for non-reset servers).
Quest is divided to 3 parts and after you complete all of it your character will change look and its class.


You can find the Quest NPC in Crywolf

New Class

When you have done the quests you char will look different.

I part of the Quest " Strength Certificate "

You can find all parts in Lorencia Bar!

You have to go to CryWolf to Priest Devin NPC. He will ask you to find 3 items of 3 different types that can drop from a specific monsters only. 3rd quest monster location
When you get all 9 items go back to Crywolf to and talk to Priest Devin again to finish the first part of quest.

II Part of the Quest " Barracs Infiltration "

You find them in barracks

When you complete 1st part of quest talk to the Priest Devin again to start 2nd part. He will ask you to kill 30 monsters of 3 different types.
To do that you need to go to CryWolf to Warewolf Quarell NPC (On North) which can guide you to a Balgass Barracks for some Zen.
When you get there you need to kill 10 Balram Hero , 10 Soram Hero and 10 Death Spirit. When you do that go back to Priest Devin.

III Part of the Quest " Into the Darkness "

You find the Dark elf in Refuge

When you complete 1st and 2nd part go to Priest Devin again to start 3rd part of quest.
Go to CryWolf to Warewolf Quarell NPC again, pay him to enter the Balgass Barracks and go straight ahead till you see a Wolf head on the wall
You need to talk the Wolf Head to take you to the Balgass Refuge. When you get there you need to kill one Dark Elf Hero.
When you complete this part go back to the Priest Devin. He will reward you by making you next Character Class.

* When you do the quest you can make a party and Warewolf Quarel & Wolf Head will teleport all the party.
* Only the player who made the party can use Warewolf Quarel & Wolf Head NPC's.
* When you die on Balgass Refuge you will respawn on the same place you died..

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3rd quest guide. Empty Re: 3rd quest guide.

Post  Skillz on Thu Aug 06, 2009 3:18 am

Nice guide. Will help new players Wink


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